Transmission Replacement

Transmission Installation Shop in Bethel Park, PA

Trouble with your transmission is frustrating, and that’s putting it mildly. The unresponsive shifting and snail-like acceleration add up to a horrible driving experience that would make anyone want to avoid all city streets, highways, and freeways. When you’ve finally had enough, it’s time to bring your ride to the experts at Bethel Park Automotive. You’ll enjoy smooth shifting for many miles ahead with our catalogue of transmission repairs in Bethel Park in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.

The majority of automobiles we fix in our full-service transmission repair shop are automatics, but we also demonstrate our expertise in working on manuals. Our services include replacement, rebuilds, and ongoing maintenance. All of these services, including our general transmission repairs, come with our nationwide guarantee. When even the most extensive transmission repair service isn’t enough to get you back on the road, a transmission replacement may be your best option. 

Transmission Replacement Shop In South Hills of Pittsburgh

While we’ve worked with a massive amount of automatics, our shop has manual transmissions covered, too specifically in clutch repair and replacement. No matter what type of trouble you’re having with your stick shift, our experts will find out what’s wrong and have the solution that will get you back to shifting gears in no time. We can sum up transmission problems into four main categories: fluid leaks, solenoid problems, needle bearings, and clutch issues. The most common out of these four is fluid leaks, likely caused by a problem with a gasket seal. Closely related to fluid leaks is a bad transmission solenoid.

This mechanism regulates the flow of fluids throughout the transmission. When it goes bad, expect to experience erratic shifting, a transmission that will not downshift, or a severe shifting delay. Drivers who hear strange noises coming from the transmission can likely blame the needle bearings. These become worn down over time and can wreak some serious havoc. Lastly, your clutch can also become jammed. This leads to vehicle shaking, overheating, and a tremendous loss of engine power.

Ignoring any of the issues listed above will only make your vehicle worse. Each mile that goes by without servicing your transmission leads to significantly more damage. Whenever you notice any of the issues mentioned above, or are feeling like your transmission is on the fritz, turn to a reliable and knowledgeable transmission repair mechanic from our team before it’s too late. We work diligently to uncover and correct whatever is wrong with your transmission in a timely manner.