Rotor, Caliber & Brake Repair

Brake Repair Services in Bethel Park, PA

Have you ever experienced your brakes pulsate or squeal? Get your brakes checked immediately. Putting it off could cost you up to 3 times more than a simple brake inspection. A loud exhaust is not only annoying but can also lower your fuel efficiency. We can determine the cause and repair it immediately. Does your vehicle pull to one side or the other? This could mean your vehicle may be out of alignment. Come in for our “Free Alignment Check” and make sure your vehicle goes down the road straight saving you money on fuel and your tires too. Make an Appointment Today. Contact us to schedule a quote if your car or truck needs repair work. We proudly serve customers throughout Bethel Park and the surrounding areas.

Excessive squealing is usually the leading indicator that your vehicle needs a brake pad replacement. This happens when the rotor vibrates due to worn brake pads. If you hear squeaking, as opposed to squealing, this can also be your brakes or an indication that something is going wrong with your suspension. To be absolutely certain, it’s a good idea to have our experts inspect your vehicle to find the source of the noise and provide the appropriate course of action. Whether it’s squeaking or squealing that’s coming from your car, the important thing is to get it to us before that annoyance turns into a huge problem.

Brake, Rotor & Caliber Replacement Services in the South Hill of Pittsburgh

Hitting the road with bad brakes doesn’t just put you and your passengers in danger. It’s also a major hazard to everyone else sharing the streets with you. Ensure you can always rely on your vehicle’s most important safety feature when needed most by turning to the experts at Bethel Park Automotive. Our team is ready to provide you the power to come to a complete and safe stop with brake repairs in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. When it comes to any kind of brake service or repair, cutting corners is never an option. Drive with peace of mind after choosing our expert brake mechanic. It’s what makes our brake shop the first you should choose and always depend on. Warped or worn rotors can wreak some serious havoc on the drivability, comfort, and safety of your ride. Leave nothing to chance when it comes to this vital piece of hardware and choose our experts for brake rotor replacement. The main culprits for damaged rotors are heat spots and grooves. This results in metal-on-metal, which quickly compromises the integrity of the rotor.

The most common side effect is a shaking steering wheel while braking. Before long, brake rotor replacement will be a must to keep you on the road safely. There are key steps you can take to extend the life and performance of your brakes on your own. The first bit of advice is to keep an eye on your rotors. Signs of wear or rust should be accounted for. Next, make sure your brake fluid is clean and at proper levels. Most manufactures suggest changing this once every 25,000 miles. Following these basic guidelines are sure to help you extend the life and performance of your brakes. Before any brake service, our experts carefully inspect your pads, rotors, and drums (if applicable). This allows us to clearly determine what type of service is best suited to your car’s needs. Our brake company also checks the lines and other similar components during inspection. Doing so allows us to gain a complete picture of what’s happening within your brakes, and helps us develop and execute the best possible plan.